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The Interstate Intelligence Advantage

The culmination of the experience, knowledge and advantages we’ve gained over 55 years, Interstate Intelligence is a management approach capable of delivering reliable, repeatable results to each owner at each hotel, starting on day one. Comprised of five distinct parts that function as a cohesive program, Interstate Intelligence utilizes the best of everything Interstate Hotels & Resorts has built over the decades to provide proprietary advantages to each and every owner.

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Every property joining the Interstate portfolio receives a transition team, which is immediately deployed to execute the hotel transition, renovation, takeover, new build or repositioning. This team utilizes market intelligence and business insights gathered by Interstate to analyze the business, examine market conditions, review demand and channel generator reports, inspect competitors, and pinpoint areas of improvement to reach profitability goals.

The resulting proposal, a detailed line-by-line comparison of actionable insights, lists areas to improve mix, reduce expenses and ultimately impact the bottom line, producing improved owner profitability. The proposal also includes recommendations on marketing and yield management and solutions to improve occupancy, rate, and RevPAR – potentially providing the owner with significant revenue growth and cost savings opportunities, greatly enhancing the bottom line.

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Throughout 55 years of operation, Interstate has been well known for its reliable, trustworthy and exceptional executives, who have built relationships with almost every hotel brand in the world. Through the relationships and vast experience, Interstate Intellect now delivers limitless opportunity and profit-based idea generation for owners.

With a blend of Interstate’s global presence, involvement in 27 industry and brand advisory boards, experience operating all asset classes, segments from large brands to independent hotels, and skill in every hospitality tier, an accumulation of knowledge translates into valuable resources. Whether it’s technology, finance, F&B, technical services, operations or sales, Interstate boasts accomplished subject-matter experts in 18 relevant disciplines, reaching every corner of the hospitality world, allowing owners to reap the benefits of the endless resources and relationships of Interstate, as well as 30,000 of the most highly skilled associates in the industry.

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Breaking the norm of geographic clusters, Interstate Integration, the company’s intelligent organizational structure, begins with a deep-dive into owner needs, considering hotel location, branded vs. independent, asset class (full-service, extended stay, select-service, resorts), and multi-tier portfolios (from economy to luxury). Owner needs are then synthesized, creating tailored programs led by dedicated regional teams with a personalized owner’s perspective.

Each team provides one-on-one attention to the owner, utilizing expert intelligence, segment specialization and local knowledge, translating into better and smarter communication. With a five-person executive team for every 15 hotels, including experts in disciplines from operations, sales, revenue management, finance and human resources, specialists guide the owner’s portfolio, strategically impacting operations and sales performance to drive optimal revenue, market share and profit metrics at each and every hotel.

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As the only company of its caliber, technology is at the forefront at Interstate. The company offers an exclusive business intelligence system, IHR1, to owners, providing instant access to real-time reports and information sharing, impacting profitability and the bottom line.

Interstate Insights aggregates the company’s impressive market intelligence on a cloud-based, cutting edge and completely secure mobile platform. As a result of its size, Interstate is well informed of industry activity in every single domestic market, and most emerging markets globally. While the market intelligence consistently grows, the business intelligence system aggregates, analyzes and translates insights to apply to the individual owner.

Interstate Insights provides a dedicated dashboard per owner, whether a single unit owner in a tertiary market or a multi-hotel portfolio owner, producing measurable results for owners.

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Interstate manages 425 properties in every asset class, from a skyscraper in New York City to a destination resort outside of Dublin to a small city paradise in Middletown, Conn. With the strongest brand diversity in the industry, holding 50 brands in the portfolio, Interstate has the ability to bring almost any brand to any owner in any area of the world.

Through Interstate Intuitions, Interstate translates global knowledge from its expansive, diverse portfolio into local enhancements, from service intuition and guest experiences to marketing and F&B. Knowledge also spirals outward from domestic experience to future global growth in areas such as Europe. As a result, no other hotel management company offers a comparable level of global diversity on a consistent basis.